Federator No. 1 - When it Comes to Spring, There's No Better Soundtrack Than Afrobeat

Feterator No. 1 celebrates the music of Fela Kuti this Saturday! Shake off those cabin-fever cobwebs and come shake your booty!

For tickets and information: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=152064&cart

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Published on: 04/16/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Dancing and Dreaming with Anais Mitchell

Our good friend Anais Mitchell is here on Friday night - fresh off a sold out European tour. She writes the songs that will snatch your heart (or at least your breath) away. Don't miss this.

For tickets and info: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=144876&cart

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Published on: 04/09/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Willing in Spring with Will Dailey

Will Dailey returns! Tomorrow! 

Tickets and info: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=146321&cart

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Published on: 04/03/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Riding the Waves with Crushed Out

Crushed Out is BACK! Tonight! Yes!

Tickets and info: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=142250&cart 

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Published on: 03/28/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

A Dozen Coffee Dates with Natalie Cressman and Her Trusty Trombone

Natalie Cressman makes her debut performance in the Granite State Thursday, March 27th. Blurring the lines of classifyable genres, Cressman is a touring around melting minds with her trusty trombone.

For tickets and more information: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=142249&cart Read More ...

Published on: 03/26/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Truffle Frontman Dave Gerard Talks Press Room, New Orleans, and Staring Contests with Bruce Pingree...

Truffle is in the house for their annual Mardi Gras fiesta on Saturday!

For tickets and information: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=142256&cart

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Published on: 03/06/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

The Other Bones: No Broken Bones Among 'Em

The Other Bones are back at the Press Room this Friday!

For tickets and information: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=139044&cart

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Published on: 02/27/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Marco Benevento Answers the Call: "What's Your Favorite __________ ?"

Get ready for another two-night run with Marco Benevento! Tickets WILL sell out, so act quickly and scoop up a couple!

For information visit: www.pressroomnh.com 

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Published on: 02/19/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Absorbed in the Music: Q&A with Brian A. Canning

B.A. Canning are back to the Press Room for their second performance at the venue. We're also welcoming back Brian Canning - the subject of this Q&A and frontman of the band - back to the Seacoast after his recent move to Somerville, MA.

For tickets and information: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=139045&cart

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Published on: 02/13/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe

Goddamn: Talking Tunes with American Babies Frontman Tom Hamilton

American Babies make their debut performance at the Press Room on Friday, February 7th. Their new record, "Knives & Teeth," is a shimmering example of music that matters - promising to be the soundtrack of what will be a stellar show put on by a stellar band. Don't miss out.

For tickets and information: http://pressroomnh.com/show.cfm?id=138414

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Published on: 02/04/2014 Author : Press Room Scribe