A Perfect Venue for Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties in Portsmouth, NH


While our walls could tell countless stories of memorable nights, it’s the voices of our patrons that truly capture the essence of The Press Room. From unforgettable live music and dance parties to intimate gatherings, including vibrant bachelorette party bars, our customers have consistently appreciated the laid-back vibe, friendly service, and entertainment they’ve enjoyed here. Whether it’s a lively bachelorette bash or a casual night out, we’ve ALWAYS got something fun up our sleeves here.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties in Portsmouth

Welcoming Space & Decor

Every bachelor and bachelorette party is a big deal, and at The Press Room, we understand the importance of making this special occasion your own. Our newly renovated space can be tailored to fit the theme and vibe of your party. Whether you’re looking for a classic, elegant setting or a more modern, upbeat atmosphere, our team will work closely with you to ensure our space matches your vision. As one of the top bachelorette party bars in the area, we’re committed to creating an unforgettable experience.

The Press Room Menu

No party is complete without some delicious food and drinks. At The Press Room, we offer an eclectic menu that caters to all palates. From classic pub favorites to more refined fare, our culinary team is confident your guests will rave about the food long after the party is over. Our bachelorette party menu features a variety of bachelorette appetizers and drinks, perfect for any bars for bachelorette parties.


Music is the soul of The Press Room. With a legacy of hosting some of the best live shows in Portsmouth, your bachelor or bachelorette party could be front row for an unforgettable night of music. Whether you want a live band, a DJ, or a curated playlist, we’ve got you covered. Let the tunes set the mood and keep the energy up all night in one of the best bachelor bachelorette party venues in town.

Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties in Portsmouth

Nestled in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, The Press Room is an iconic venue for those looking to celebrate life’s big moments. With our rich history spanning over four decades, we’ve been Portsmouth’s go-to spot for afternoon pints, nights out with friends, and incredible live music. As you plan your bachelor or bachelorette party, consider The Press Room. You won’t be disappointed.

With its vibrant nightlife and rich culture, Portsmouth is the ideal location for bachelor and bachelorette parties. The Press Room, located at 77 Daniel Street, is at the epicenter of all the action, making it a prime choice for bars for bachelorette parties.


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For over 40 years, The Press Room has been more than just a venue. It’s a place where memories are made, stories are shared, and the community comes together. After some extensive renovations a few years ago, we’ve ensured that the spirit of the place remains intact, all while offering more modern amenities and services.


Choosing The Press Room for your bachelor or bachelorette party means choosing a night—and a place—you’ll never forget. It’s not just about the space; it’s about the community of musicians, artists, and patrons who’ve made this place special. It’s about the shared experiences, the laughter, the music, and the moments that people will be talking about for years to come. Don’t miss out on our bachelorette deals for an even more memorable celebration.

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